Le French Butcher is like part of the family, only French

For those who bemoan the closing of the excellent butcher shop Lindy & Grundy, there’s a new storefront for grass-fed, antibiotic-free meats: Le French Butcher. Master butcher Jean-Claude Setin and his wife Susan, who have been operating out of farmers’ market stalls, including Larchmont’s, not only want to bring quality cuts to Los Angeles, but aim to create the kind of welcoming atmosphere common to shops in Jean-Claude’s native France.

Le French Butcher Aims to Offer L.A. Much More than Great Meat

“An artisan butcher with 45 years of experience in Los Angeles? That doesn’t exist!” exclaims Jean-Claude Setin in his lovely Niçois accent. It was that assessment that inspired this 60-year-old butcher to launch Le French Butcher, an artisanal French butcher shop in Los Angeles.

At L.A. Prep, artisanal food makers can rent their own kitchens

Matt Walton’s caramel corn was a hit. Gourmet shops were clamoring for more, hooked on a recipe handed down by his grandmother. But Walton hit a wall. He couldn’t find a commercial kitchen to expand production. His company was too big for his home, and too small to afford the tens of thousands…

Un “French Butcher” à la conquête des foodies de Los Angeles – French Morning

” Un artisan boucher avec 45 ans d’expérience à Los Angeles ? Ca n’existe pas ! ” s’exclame Jean-Claude Setin, avec son bel accent niçois. C’est fort de ce constat que ce sexagénaire, marié à une Américaine et installé depuis quatre ans dans la cité des anges, a décidé de lancer samedi Le French Butcher, une boucherie artisanale à la française à Los Angeles.

Comment bien choisir sa viande chez le boucher américain – French Morning

Sirloin, brisket, tenderloin ou short ribs. Pour le Français expatrié aux Etats-Unis, le rayon boucherie s’apparente souvent à un véritable casse-tête. Afin de vous aider à décoder les étiquettes et bien choisir votre viande, French Morning a demandé conseil au boucher français Jean-Claude Setin, qui vient d’ouvrir Le French Butcher à Los Angeles.