Shop. Eat. Learn to Cut.

It’s real simple. Nowadays, people want to eat well—in every sense of the word. We want to know where our food comes from and how it is raised. We want to eat both healthy and delicious and we want our choices to make a difference.

Le FRENCH BUTCHER is the answer. We’re a small, authentic neighborhood butchery with a big vision: bring back healthy, farm-raised meats to neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles!

We offer 100% Grass Fed Beef and fully Pastured meats 100% of the time–all California grown and custom cut by French Master Butcher, Jean-Claude Setin. French butchery is the most respected and the most sustainable whole-animal butchery in the world, using 95% of the animal vs. standard American butchery that uses 65%. And at Le FRENCH BUTCHER. We also offer in-house made Charcuterie, including sausages, pâtés, rillettes, and more.

Be a part of the Farm-to-Table movement and the food revolution in the US, by eating “Healthy, Delicious, Sane & Humane.” We look forward to seeing you soon!